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Driver Inspector will operate best when your pc has the following minimum specifications:

Microsoft Windows® 
7, Vista, XP Pro (& Home), 2003 Server, 2000 all in 32 bit & 64 bit Editions.

• 300MHz minimum processor
• 256 MB of RAM minimum
• 22 MB of hard drive space

Compaible Browsers
• Internet Explorer 5.5 and up
• Firefox 1.2 and up
• Opera 8 and up

.NET Framework 2.0 is required but don't worry...Driver Inspector will install it for you automatically if you need it and it's completely free from Microsoft.

Driver Inspector will keep your device drivers up to date which solves many common problems including:

Non-Working Devices:
Updating your drivers solves printer issues, sound problems, video problems and a lot more!

Outdated Device Features:
Driver Inspector will update your devices to the exact most up to date driver, potentially unlocking many new features currently unavailable to you.

Poor PC Performance:
Over time as your drivers become outdated, your overall pc performance becomes threatened. Driver Inspector helps by updating all your drivers, improving your pc's performance.

Hard To Find Device Drivers:
Locate drivers for any connected device automatically!

Computer Crashes:
95% of the time, a computer crash can be directly related to outdated or corrupt hardware drivers. Driver Inspector sniffs out the most up to date drivers for your system and updates them all!

Having issues with a USB device, printer, scanner, monitor, graphics card, soundcard, keyboard, mouse, camera or wireless card?

Download Driver Inspector Now!
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Your Troubles Will Soon Be Over!

Driver Inspector uses advanced technology to automatically update all your device drivers, which solves common problems such as sound issues, printer problems as well as trouble with any other connected device in mere minutes!

The secret? Driver updates! Drivers commonly become corrupt and outdated, and Driver Inspector handles the task automatically. It employs a regularly updated driver database to update your drivers seemlessly, and hassle free.

Compatible with Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 (running either 32 or 64 bit), you can be assured you are using the correct and most up to date drivers direct from the official manufacturer!

No More Searching For Drivers!

Struggling to find a driver for a specific device? Listen, I think you'll agree that trying to locate the right driver for your device(s) is a royal pain in the neck. Did you lose the driver disk for your printer? Why aren't your devices working after you upgraded to Windows 7? These are problems you will no longer have to worry about!

Instead of searching for the right driver, wouldn't you rather press a button and have the driver installed automatically so you can get back to enjoying your PC?

Afraid that if you download the WRONG driver, you may risk a complete system crash?

Using Driver Inspector, you'll no longer need to worry! It scans your system, detects all your attached devices and then updates their drivers to the proper, most up to date versions leaving your PC completely up to date and most likely, running a heck of a lot smoother too.

Sit back and relax and let Driver Inspector handle the task for you... after all, you deserve it!

Download Driver Inspector Now!
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Updating Your Drivers Is Crucial!

Imagine this... one day you turn on your PC and realize you can't browse the web because your wireless card is inoperative. Now what? Why did this happen?

The problem is, Windows updates it's operating system regularly and when it does, most of your drivers become out of date, corrupt and totally worthless. The manufacturers of these devices realize this and create new versions of these drivers regularly.

Now, the average PC has well over 100 drivers that need to be maintained and updated, and doing so manually is next to impossible, and even if it were, it would take you an 8 hour day to do so.

So what's the easiest, safest and best way to handle this task? ... Simple... have a piece of software handle the task for you!

Using Driver Inspector Is Easy!

Worried it will be hard to use? Don't worry because It really couldn't get any easier! If you can click your mouse, you can use Driver Inspector. Once you install Driver Inspector, simply click the "Scan Now" button:

Driver Inspector Start Scan

In just a few minutes, it will locate all your outdated drivers giving you a handy report. Simply click "Next" and the program updates all your drivers automatically!

Driver Inspector Results

Your previous problems will have vanished and your PC will now be completely up to date and you will also notice improved performance!

Let Driver Inspector handle the task of updating your drivers.. Download the small program right now so you can get on with your life and fall in love with your PC all over again!!

Download Driver Inspector Now!
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